Monday, July 21, 2008

The Mystery of the Ring

Joyce Carol Oates (The New York Review of Books)

Boxing: A Cultural History
by Kasia Boddy
London: Reaktion, 478 pp., $35.00 (distributed in the US byUniversity of Chicago Press)

In the brilliant and unsettling fragment 'Homer's Contest,' found among Nietzsche's unpublished writings after his death in 1900, the philosopher returns to obsessive themes originally explored in his first book, The Birth of Tragedy Out of the Spirit of Music (1872): namely, that contrary to the reigning morality of his time—a Protestant-Christian morality, at least officially—it is not 'natural' not to fight; it is not 'natural' not to fight to the death, in the service of allowing 'hatred [to] flow forth fully'; indeed, a 'noble culture' is one that, like the ancient Greek culture, arises from 'the altar of the expiation of murder.'

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Isis said...

Hola, César, ya pude entrar!

A.T. said...

You're welcome, Machetico. Good luck (word verification para que?).

JR said...

tengo que entrar con protector y la guardia cerrada?

machetico said...

Ah! No sé. Cómo se quita esa vaina?

willi said...

la cosa es a mano limpia o con arma blanca ???....alabaoo