Monday, July 21, 2008


Left or Right, 2006, installed at Circa ‘07


Anonymous said...

In my art always there it is a great interest to learn and experiment the new techniques and supports. The work in general is conceptual, didactic and in many cases critic, giving preference to the art enrollment in the social issues.
The critics refers at my art language like a “conscience cook”
I work to transmit ideas and signs betting to the human wellness. Also I enjoy the interaction within the public and my work, and in many cases the elaboration and the execution it is shared with the public (example the installation with testimonials of 200 aids patients from different countries). a I also value the ambiguity from the images and the free interpretation of the pieces and respect the desire and the sensations from the receptors.
In the projects I give value to the interaction between the senses and I try to leave in the spectators minds, memories from the proposals where my work will get to there interiors and in many cases will shake they thoughts.
The objects suggest that in the back … there are others and for a moment.. We are our self’s.


Anonymous said...

Pero entonces Antuan copió a Labat.

Anonymous said...

en el circuito nacional:

antuan vs. labat....labat, K.O.

antuan vs. arrechea....arrechea, K.O.

arrechea vs. labat...labat, T.K.O.

labat campeon nacional...

en las vegas:

labat vs. basquiat/warhol...
basquiat/warhol...por decision