Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rodney Jackson

Pintura Pop de mi amigo Rodney Jackson.

Rodney Jackson, is an artist that has been influenced by many different cultures. British, Jamaican, American and Japanese cultures have impacted his art and perspective. He was born in England and spent much of his childhood there while being reared by his native Jamaican parents. After, moving to the U.S. in 1980, at the middle school level, he became involved in numerous art programs and schools that have worked to establish his roots and talents in fine art. Although highly competent in many mediums, his interests have been much centered on ceramics and sequential art. However, Jackson remarked that he has been heavily influenced by the pop art movement.

The Pop Art movement and the current trend toward Japanese Animation or Anime have always attracted the attention of Jackson, an avid comic book collector. After studying art at the Maryland Institute College of Art, he soon returned to his home of 10 years, Miami Florida. “Miami is the bridge between many cultures” said Jackson. That bridge, that also exists within many large cities, he believes has also shaped into the interaction between Pop culture and Hip-Hop culture. He is constantly looking at the latest manifestations of Hip-Hop forms in pop culture and the social concepts attached to them. From there, he is able to appreciate the origins of the new pop aesthetic, which comprises what he sees as the core of a new millennium culture.

Ironically, Hip-Hop was designed to rebel against pop culture. Now, there is no clear distinction between them. Rodney Jackson feels this is the power of the American culture which is constantly changing. Jackson now creates paintings and ceramic pieces using icons & symbols from what he now calls the “Millennium Pop culture”.

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