Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ana Busto

Born in Bilbao, Spain, lives between Spain and New York. In her many exhibitions in
New York, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and Peru she has worked with video, photography,
sculpture, sound and performance. She has done extensive work on the subject of
exploring the differences between amateur Cuban boxing, and American professional
This work has been presented in four solo shows, and five group shows using different
Her most recent show was in NYC at the Bowery Poetry Club where she presented The Punch
and Verse, a performance that integrates Allen Ginsberg's poem, Hum Bom! A boxing training
session and contextual imagery.

My work focuses on the legal body, the physical body, the territorial body and the
politics of the
body in the context of Western Culture. My work looks at how biology, politics, and
social issues
make marks, traces and wounds on the body. And for the last 10 years my work has
some of these marks and traces in the bodies of athletes. Paralympic/Olympic is
about paralympic
athletes, people who have outstanding performance records in sports but are
marginalized in the
Olympic games. For example, Olympic and Paralympic games have a separate
Olympic symbol,
motto and anthem, a separate Opening and Closing Ceremony, and a separate medal
divide the
two games. With my work I am trying to make these paralympic athlete's bodies and
voices public.
My goal is make the, part of our urban visual landscape so that they will be seen and visible and we
can hear they have to say.

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