Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Davey Moore in Sculpture

I recently received the last issue of Islas Magazine, a Cuban Negro themed publication that brings an interesting interview of Elio Ruiz, a U. S. based Cuban filmmaker with Ultiminio Ramos, whose unforgettable career was always haunted by other boxers deaths and destiny.

Wandering the boxweb I have found these pictures of the sculpted image of Davey Moore, the guy who Ramos didn't kill.

Mike Major, Statue of Davey Moore.

Moore, after the fight.

Sentado por el trompon de Ultiminio

Geraldine Moore, the widow of boxing champion Davey Moore, stares up at the bigger-than-life sculpture of her late husband after it was unveiled at the studio of artist Mike Major Monday. Major is in the background, at left, talking to Moore's family.

La entrevista de Ruiz a Ultiminio en Islas (pdf):


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