Monday, November 9, 2009

Danza-Boxeo (The Medina Method of Cuban Salsa Inspired by Boxing Fundamentals)

Yolaidis y Medina

Medina y Yolaidis

Dancing inspired by boxing may seem an odd combination, but not so in Cuba where boxing is huge and dancing the national pastime. Young Cuban boxers are trained to be high powered dancers because the most effective winning strategy in boxing is mastering dance moves and body rhythm to avoid being punched by your opponent.
Geodanis Medina is a gifted Cuban boxer who after years of thought, experimentation, and hard work, has integrated his two great passions, boxing and salsa. Drawing from his extensive training in boxing, he has developed a unique system of dance that has it's own philosophy, technique, style, and beauty.
Medina's core philosophy: "Dance from the ground up".

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