Friday, October 23, 2009

Subculture vs. Muserna in Mexico

The “Mano a Mano” between Subculture and Muserna took place in a special room, where they battled inside a boxing ring especially built for the inside. There were three screens, the two on the sides presented subculture and Muserna's personal websites while the one in the middle showed the updates made to the Infomera website. Here, the heavyweights in web art went at it for over four hours, both uploading to the Infomera website. Every few minutes a new page was uploaded in reaction to the previous one, often appropriating the visuals and/or aesthetics of the opponent. The performance started out with playful comments that towards the end turned into bold statements of grandiosity and supremacy of web art by both parties, while also keeping great respect toward the opponent. Both Muserna and Subculture seemed to have enjoyed the process of making ephemeral webpages, which the online community could also enjoy by visiting the Infomera site. To this day, people who saw the event are debating who won, and Subculture playfully claims that he won! Following the spirits of an actual boxing match.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, yo pensaba que este blog habia cerrado for good. Hope everything is fine. Hugs,

tu vecino de Meneses

machetico said...

Gran placer su visita, guajiro. Always very welcome.