Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paul Goodnight

The Boxer, 1997, oil on canvas, size n/a

Born December 31, 1946, in Chicago, Goodnight's upbringing took place primarily in New London, Connecticut and Boston, Massachusetts. He was raised in a loving and disciplined foster home by a couple he describes as his role models for proper parenting.

After returning from Vietnam, Goodnight was so traumatized by images of war that he was unable to speak. Though some thought he had lost his mind, he knew he hadn't and began to communicate with his drawings the horrors of the war. Through this catharsis he was able to heal himself and regain his voice. Shortly thereafter he enrolled in Vesper George School of Art only to face another battle - his lack of academic experience. Determined to succeed, he enrolled in English Courses at Roxbury Community College and eventually earned a Bachelor's Degree from Massachusetts College of Art in 1976.

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