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Elizabeth McClung

Let's celebrate today connecting you to Elizabeth who celebrates life with her trompones.

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Robert Fontenot. Recycle LACMA

On January 14th, 2009 the Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced that it was deaccessioning more than 100 items from its costumes and textiles collection. Once carefully collected, catalogued, and cared for, these items have now been cast back out in to the world. What will happen to them? Like any other useless item, they will need to be recycled or disposed of.

Recycle LACMA is a project of Los Angeles-based artist Robert Fontenot. At three separate auctions he purchased over 50 items deaccessioned by LACMA and is now trying to find new uses for these otherwise unwanted items.

A damaged pair of boxing gloves were disassembled. Using the pieces as patterns, a new set of pieces were cut from the corduroy. Each glove required four pieces: one for the back of the wrist, one for the back of the hand, one for the palm side of the hand, and one for the palm side of the thumb. The pieces for the back of the hand and the back of the wrist were machine-sewn together. The pieces for the palm side of the hand and the palm side of the thumb were also machine-sewn together, and a strip of the hounds tooth check fabric was machine-sewn on top of the seam. To the inside of the palm piece, a piece of white fabric from the original glove was sewn along two lines, leaving a channel into which a tubular piece of foam from the original glove (used as a grip when the wearer makes a fist), was inserted. Next, a final piece of fabric from the original glove was attached to form the pocket into which the hand would be inserted. The original fiber stuffing from the gloves was sandwiched between the new front and back pieces and these were hand-sewn together. The openings of the gloves, at the wrists, were bound with strips of the hounds tooth check fabric, and tabs of the same fabric, along with the metal buckles from the garment, were attached to the wrists to allow for the tightening and securing of the gloves. The piece of pocket fabric with the RKO PROPERTY stamp has been appliquéd to the outside wrist of the right hand glove. A blank piece of fabric from the same pocket has been appliquéd to the outside wrist of the left hand glove.The accession number has been embroidered onto two pieces of fabric from the garment’s pockets, and these have been appliquéd to the wrists of the gloves.

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Angela Dufresne

Angela Dufresne received a MFA from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA and a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, KS. Dufresne recently exhibited a solo exhibition at Kinkead Contemporary in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has also been the subject of a solo exhibition at The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, and included in group exhibitions at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Aldrich, CT, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, NY, The Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University, MA, among many others. Her work is currently on view in “Form and Story: Narration in Recent Painting” at University of Richmond Museums, Richmond, VA through May 22, 2009. Dufresne lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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Jace McTier

"Impact"(Ali vs. Foreman), oil on canvas, 24 in x 60 in.

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Ligoniel Amateur Boxing Club Portraits, 2007.

I was introduced to this boxing club by the guys who run the Safehouse Gallery and on my way to Belfast on the train that day, the usual images and preconceptions of 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland came to mind. But I wasn't interested in adding to a landscape of film, painting and literature that couldn't escape the images of violence and division from the past. It was my intention to create a body of work focusing on people who're making a difference in their community despite all the shit that goes on around them.

I photographed the boxers training and sparring in Ligoniel Amateur Boxing Club (it's been on the go since 1971 and has been funded by the boxers and the community around Ligoniel) late one Wednesday evening. Upon arriving I was welcomed in by Eddie, who stood in the doorway eclipsed in the stark boxing hall light, his hand, decked out in gold rings reached out to greet me and welcome me into a club he's been volunteering in for over thirty years.

The following day, I scoured the streets in different parts of Belfast for the signature yellow Ace Bates skips (he's the king of the Belfast skip world). I hoped that they might contain the detritus of the city; wood, metal and any other objects that told the cities history for me to paint on. I pulled pieces from skips in the Holy Land, the Shankill Road, the Lisburn Road and the Falls, then I hauled them home to the studio in Dublin to paint.


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Rigoberto Torres

The Boxing Match, 1993, acrylic on plaster and wood, 89 in x 120 in x 19 in.
Born Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, 1960.

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Adrian Wallett

Rocky Balboa

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Kliment Redko (1897-1956)

Winner, 1929, oil on canvas, 147 cm x 97.5 cm.
The icon studio of the Kiev Pechera Lavra was the first step in Redko’s long exploration of art. He failed the entrance exams to the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, so in 1914 entered the Petrograd School of the Artist Promotion Association. He saw the revolution of 1917 as a symbol of freedom, a chance for artists to experiment freely, and Redko set about inventing his own technique. He was one of many artists who helped decorate the Revolution celebrations. In 1927, Le Monde. His works were exhibited at the Palais -Royal and galleries such as Grandjean, Castelle, Vignon. He became friend of Picasso. The Paris years matured Redko as an artist. After the Second World War, Redko was excluded from the Union of Artists for bourgeois tendencies during the second period of repressions under Stalin. The only way to earn money became teaching in amateur art club of the students from Timiryazev Academy. The artist died in 1956 without any official recognition.

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Marciano's Gloves

Guantes de Rocky Marciano

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Duran's Shorts

Shorts de Roberto "Mano de Piedra" Duran

Walter Schmid

05-Box!, 131 cm x 114 cm.

Une rencontre de boxe est comme la tragédie définie par Aristote, "une événement grave, complet, d'une certaine durée". Eternel et fugitif à la fois, le temps y joue un rôle essentiel.
Pour la romancière américaine Joyce Carol Oates la boxe est aussi une "expérience émotionnelle impossible à formuler, primitive comme la naissance, la mort, l'amour physique" elle est "notre théâtre tragique. L'individu réduit à lui-même..."
Depuis l'été 2007, la boxe constitue le thème central de ma démarche picturale.
Mon travail porte aussi bien sur la représentation formelle que sur le contenu émotionnel et je suis en permanence à la recherche de l'équilibre entre approche structurée et liberté d'expression.
Né 1936 Trois Lacs, Switzerland.

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Loic Noel

L'improbable cueillette, 2008, oil on canvas, 81 cm x 100cm.

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Sugar Robinson's Robe

Fairey ataca de nuevo en Wynwood (2)

Fairey ataca de nuevo en Wynwood (1)

Le tumbaron hace poco un mural que había hecho el año pasado en North Miami Avenue y se bajó ahora con tres inmensas obras que parece que durarán un poco más.

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Marcel Duchamp

Combat de boxe, 1970, etching.
52,0 x 37,0 cm20.5 x 14.6 in (print)
52,0 x 37,0 cm20.5 x 14.6 in (paper)
(edition 100)